About Me

Joshua Shiflet

My life

Currently located in Arizona, but willing to work anywhere. I'm a self taught 3D artist who is passionate about what I do!

I've been doing level design for about 10 years. Valve picked up arena_watchtower for Team Fortress 2 in February of 2009!

In late 2009 I started working on character modelling using Blender to try and branch out my skills.

I've been commissioned for over 11 different character models in the past two years, in addition to developing a game for iOS and Android called Pawtergeist.


Zbrush: Sculpting, Texturing, Posing, Concepting.

Blender: Modelling, Animation, Sculpting, Rigging, Retopology Lighting, Compositing, Texturing, UV Unwrapping

Level Design

Source SDK: Mapping, Importing Props, Hammer, Model Viewer, Source Filmmaker

Unity: Importing Characters and Props, Basic mapping

Unreal Development Kit: Basic mapping and importing characters/props


Photoshop, SAI, GIMP

Video Editing

Sony Vegas. After Effects